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The UNIVERSAL Foodwrap Dispenser. The ONLY refillable dispenser that holds and cuts all types of food wrap in all standard width sizes!

Are you tired and frustrated with flimsy food wrap packaging dispensers?

The JimBox is a handy unit for dispensing and cutting Foil, Cling Film and Greaseproof Paper. Compared to other brands, JimBox is the only product with a patented system that works with different types of food wrap with width sizes up to 375mm wide (14.75").

The JimBox has many positive features:

It can be used with Cling Film, Foil and Greaseproof or Parchment Paper.
It can fit widths of any type of foodwrap rolls of up to 37.5cm (14.75") wide.
It has an easy-to-use refilling system.
It has a smooth, wipe clean surface.
Durable and sturdy.
Tidy - it can be stowed away in a drawer.