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The UNIVERSAL Foodwrap Dispenser. The ONLY refillable dispenser that holds and cuts all types of food wrap in all standard width sizes!

I created The JimBox because I, like many families who prepare home cooked meals every day, was tired of constantly having to wrestle with conventional cardboard food wrap box dispensers. They often fell apart due to their weakness and this would be a cause of frustration!

Jimenez - the inventorI set about designing my own food wrap dispenser and so The JimBox was born. The key objective of The JimBox was to save people time and money by creating a sturdy, handheld, refillable dispenser that can be used with different food wrap types, and, importantly, accommodate the variety width sizes that they came in.

Longevity and practicality was the key driver to my design plan and we have found that it plays a predominant part in the kitchen consumer's lifestyle. Therefore, I wanted to design a simple device to assist with reducing food waste, by using one of them most effective means of storing and keeping food - food wrap. What better way to do this than by utilising a product without causing hassle!

Jimenez Joseph, Founder, JimBox Ltd

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